la vie est drôle
That night, for the first time in 120 years, snow fell on Santa Destroy. It was a sign. Another change, both beautiful and deadly, was coming. Blanketed in white, the city never looked so beautiful. But anything so pristine must be cursed. White turned to red. And he lost his mind…

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Miles, I love you, but I love Barbara more. x


"I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. We’ve talked for no doubt thousands of hours over the course of our friendship, a friendship that while only 6 months old, feels like 10 years. I can without a doubt say that he’s the best friend I’ve made from this entire adventure (and one of the best friends I’ve made in my life) and everyday I look forward to figuring out something we can do together to make people laugh. You’re a kind, hilarious, and amazing person and I’m honored to call you my friend.”

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major turn offs

  • timed missions
  • manual save points
  • chase sequences